A Setback, Doesn't Have To Be A Step Back

| A setback doesn't have to be a step back it can be a trampoline if you know where the springs are |

I was laid off from my job at the museum back in June and though this isn't a secret to some I haven't largely spoken about it due to still being in the the thick of it all. I've been navigating uneven, uncomfortable & uncertain terrain for months now to which has at often times felt to no avail. Yet, here I am preparing to embark on an internship opportunity I fantasized about when I moved here 3 years ago.. (won't God do it?) 

Losing a full time job is hard enough, losing one while living in New York, even harder. This place is not for the faint hearted and though my stress & anxiety levels tend to battle it out over pick up games with depression and fear- My faith, hope, hunger & a praying Grandmother keep me moving steadily! It's during these times I appreciate friends and family my #HomeTeam and support systems, I have a lot to be thankful for... I said years ago in a poem- "All the shit that you go through is to grow you" and that still holds true. So, here I am on my Antwan Fisher still standing, still strong, you haven't beaten me!

And though I've been undergoing a beautiful, stressful and difficult transformation. My back may be up against the ropes even but I'm a fighter, I've survived worse than this. This is your reminder- Don't forget what you came for! Trust in your struggle, the beautiful struggle it is.


As always- #ATribeCalledBlessed Peace.