From Phoenix with Love...

On January 10th in my city, my home I held what would be a seminal moment in the book of Jeary Sylves. Live from Willo North Gallery in downtown Phoenix began the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new one which started almost instantly thereafter. On that day was my final bow before my friends, fans, co-workers and students all who attended in my honor to say goodbye Jeary... Abstract Expressionism wouldn't have been nearly as successful without you all! My family. I asked two of my good friends known collectively as First and Washington if they would grant me this special honor of curating this festival of an event. Over the last couple of years we've collaborated more than once and I am so happy that I can call them my friends. 

without anymore delay... From Phoenix with Love.

Stills from the night taken by my sister Ess! check out more of her work @

Art provided by Phoenix artist check out more from her Noelle Martinez