Dont Leave The Light On Dir By. Shaunte Glover (Official Video)

"Don't Leave the Light On" is my own personal take on the classic Wyclef record Gone Till November. With these visuals I wanted to show the parallels through my travels as a depiction of the motions our relationships go through. The staging some relationships arrive at where you become uncertain & unsure of each other. The sad reality however, is that sometimes we are waiting in vain. Waiting for that person to return, to decide, to commit to us. Love at times is elastic & "perfect timing' is not mutual exclusive to it. Believe in love & its possibilities but don't place yourself on hold for it.. Leaving the light on is a choice.

Thank you to my partner & brother in rhyme Sammy Nichs. You continue to speak through the chords & baselines. Thank you to Shaunte Glover for appreciating me & the music enough to work with me. You are amazingly gifted & I look forward to witnessing your growth.

#MaybeItsLove #Peace