Note To Self

I took the day off from my 9-5 to administer some much needed self care. I've been swarmed up amidst of much emotional trauma and stress. See, sometimes we forget to live, just live out the way we know best and become un-bogged down by the perils of our lives or the moments that occur in our lives.

Today I spent a few hours running around the city (looking for an ugly sweater for Justin's party) with my "Brothers" my homies from the years we spent together on the 40".. I haven't seen Lightskinned Greg in a minute and as I was riding down 44th with Mase I decided to call son. I always call when I'm on his block but I don't always get to connect, but today I did.. 

Lunch time and Negro's were hungry so we shook out to the South Side off 16th and Buckeye to peep the latest eatery around (Welcome Chicken + Donuts) and caught up. Felt good.

PRESCRIPTION: exercise self care as often as needed. SIDE EFFECTS: laughter, warmth, tears & feel good vibes.