While You Were Listening [Trailer]

"While You Were Listening" is a mini-documentary project created in collaboration with my good friend William Eliot. Eliot, followed me around over the course of four or so months in the fall of 2012. The footage is a collection of various performances, interviews and intimate moments. WYWL is in essence the beginning stages of my growth and development as an artist and details those transitioning periods. I was able to view an early edit of the documentary and looking at me then doesn't feel so much like me now. I was left feeling inspired and longed to return to that former self full of passion and vibrant life. I can't wait to share this joy with you. it has been long over due but October 26th will be the official release date. I'm looking into having it first screened for a special select few. I'll keep you posted and updated!

Love, Peace, & Hip-Hop

"While You Were Listening"