This Indie Artist Life...

This indie artist life is... Something of an experience (at least at moments it really can be). I wish my brothers could have had this moment with me but I felt their essence. First & for most my gratitude towards A3C Brain & everyone involved who granted me the time & space to share intimate moments on stage. Thank you A3C s/o to the Star Bar I'm very humbled to be apart of such an amazing event. I hope to come next year & do it all again. I experience a life time between 8pm & 2am

 ... I've been invigorated, I feel it in my soul. Grateful I was able to connect with some amazing creative beings & artist alike.. Brown Bag Allstars, Tanya Morgen & me.. Jokes all day Lol! The magnitude of love out here has been overwhelming. I'm in it for the culture & preservation of it, this is what it's all about. If you're a indie artist I implore you to make this trip one year. It will open you up to fresh currents of thought. 

 Be you, like unapologetically. I've always known that.. But tonight I actually realized what it means. Stay humble & stay hungry.

God.. My sister drove 8 hours this morning yo, to see me her little brother perform. I'm emotional. Lala you give me life. I love you.. I like to believe I felt my mothers presence guiding me on stage... Thank you being in the room. I'm keeping promises... #onetimeformadukes I hope my brothers know.. I didn't do this without each of them in mind. That when they saw me, they saw & heard yawl too.


WaterColor Sounds(The Art of Sound In Color) 

Back stage at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points in ATL. Following my performance.

Back stage at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points in ATL. Following my performance.