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Abstract | Expressionism- The Jeary Sylves Farewell Show!

For well over a year I've been secretly plotting my next move.. Well, the time has finally arrived. The decision to move to NYC is not at all a new idea for me but it has taken much time to put each of the many moving parts into actionable motion. I've walked away from my place of employment of three years (with its steady paycheck and benefits), said goodbye to co-workers (who have become lifelong friends) and students (who I love and care for).

Thus, here we are 2 weeks away from my last performance in Arizona... at least for the foreseeable future. You are all invited to spend the night with me and celebrate this occasion! This will be my farewell show. I have made it here to this moment because of the love, support and encouragement granted to me by many of you. I can think of no better way than to offer my grandest of thanks and appreciation.

Abstract | Expressionism: Saturday, January 10th, From 7-11pm @ Willo Nirth Art Gallery in Phoenix, Az $5 (donation)

DJ Fresh 85 on the Wheels of Steel, Antoine Bryson will hold the house down on drums and additional performances by Zai, Habit (and whoever happens to catch the Holy Ghost one time)

I will also have merch available! Tee's, Cd's and stickers

I hope you see there,


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The Funky Autopsy Mixtape Release Party

Come out and experience a night of live art and hip hop in celebration of Phoenix MC, Myrlin’s, first debut mixtape, The Funky Autopsy. Nationally recognized poet, and performer, Myrlin, sets the stage for a well rounded night of entertainment founded in the four primary elements of hip hop: b boying, graffiti art, Djing, and of course MCing. 
Live music performances accompanied by a variety of visual art and urban dance aim to provide an interactive experience between audience and artist. “It is an eclectic mix of hip hop soul with a latino twist presented by a line up Arizona artists that represent the thriving downtown Phoenix art scene. If you can cumbia step and nod your head to a break beat while simultaneously enjoying live art and performance this is the show for you!


The Funky Autopsy Mixtape Release Party

The Funky Autopsy Mixtape Release Party

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